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Panex 30 Fabrics
Panex 30 Yarns
Panex 30 Roving
Panex 30 Milled


Panex® 30 products are PAN based materials that are >99% carbonized. These high-purity products are derived from Zoltek’s high temperature batch carbonization process. They are most often used in extreme applications that demand resistance to harsh temperature and chemical environments. All Panex®30 materials are thermally stable and chemically pure.

The following is a list of product forms and typical applications and uses:

  • Woven Fabrics: aircraft & automotive brakes, clutch plates, gas diffusion layer for fuel cells, etc.
  • Scrim Fabrics: designed with an open weave ideal for lightweight secondary reinforcement
  • Rovings and Spun Yarns: used for carbon/carbon preforms, or braided compression packings & seals
  • Felts: widely used for energy storage and filtration media in corrosive environments


Carbon Fabric Friction EnergyPanex® 30 woven carbon fiber fabrics made from spun yarn that is tailored for a variety of finished composite thicknesses. These fabrics have high cross-ply tensile and interlaminar shear strengths in composite materials. Another advantage of these fabrics is their contour conformation without wrinkling. Panex®30 fabrics are thermally stable and chemically pure with low oxidation rates. More on Panex®30 Fabrics.

Applications of PANEX® 30 woven fabrics include carbon-carbon composites and other processes where chemical vapor infiltration or prepregging is required.


  • Woven Fabric:Carbon Fiber Woven Fabric
  • Knit Fabric: Carbon Fiber Knit Fabric
  • Scrim Fabric: Carbon Fiber Scrim Fabric

Applications: Energy Storage | Friction Resistance | Aircraft & Automotive Brakes | Clutch Plates |Gas Diffusion Layer for Fuel CellsMore


Zoltek Carbon Fiber YarnPANEX® 30 carbon fiber yarns are >99% carbonized and have a density of 1.75 g/cc. These yarns are characterized by their many surface fibrils protruding in various directions, making them ideally suited for high performance applications including carbon/carbon and other refractory composites. More on Panex®30 Yarns.

Datasheet: Carbon Fiber Yarns

Applications: Energy Storage | Friction Resistance | Carbon/Carbon Preforms | Braided Compression Packing & Seals


Zoltek Carbon Fiber RovingPANEX® 30 Roving is manufactured with high twist to improve its handling characteristics. The roving is widely used as a baseline material for the manufacture of friction clutches and brakes. Thick fabrics woven of PANEX® 30 HIGH TWIST ROVING allow for efficient buildup during fabrication of composite substructures. More on Panex®30 Roving.

Datasheet:Carbon Fiber Roving

Applications: Energy Storage | Friction Resistance | Filtration Media in Corrosive Environments


Zoltek Milled Carbon Fiber High PurityPanex 30 Milled Fibers are specially processed PAN (polyacrylonitrile) based fibers for high-volume applications that require strength and/or electrostatic dissipation. Zoltek’s in-house milling system ensures product quality and traceability from raw material through finished product. More on Milled Fiber.

Datasheet:Milled Carbon Fiber

Applications: Energy Storage | Friction Resistance | More

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