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Marine Composites


In marine applications, Zoltek’s carbon fiber reduces weight without sacrificing strength.  The next generation of yachts, cruisers and racing vessels will be lighter and stronger when made with carbon fiber composites.  Tough, durable carbon composite material stands up to the extremes of marine environments.  The high specific stiffness of carbon fiber lends itself well to use in applications such as masts, hulls and propellers.

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Continuous TowMarine Carbon FiberZoltek’s continuous tow is used in structures such as masts, tillers and oars.  Our large tow fiber can be filament wound or pultruded to create tubular structures for these applications.  Carbon fiber composites offer weight savings, increased stiffness and improved fatigue resistance when compared to traditional aluminum masts.

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Uni-Directional FabricMarine Zoltek Carbon FiberUD fabric can be used to produce carbon fiber composite parts including hulls  and decks for marine vessels.  Engineers and designers take advantage of the directional stiffness of this carbon fiber fabric when planning the part layup.

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PrepregMarine Prepreg ZoltekZoltek’s prepreg offers an efficient way to build parts for composite watercraft. Pre-impregnated carbon fiber fabric layers are easily molded and cured to produce lightweight, strong parts including hull and deck sections and accessory parts.  Often, prepreg is used as the skin layer of the composite with foam or honeycomb cores inside to further reduce weight.

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